A local mold testing inspector inspects a house.

Benefits of Local Mold Testing

Maybe you’ve recently noticed a damp smell throughout your property, and now you suspect mold. You need someone to confirm it, but should you choose a national brand mold testing service or one that is locally owned and operated? In this blog, our team at A+ Restoration and Cleaning wants residents of Pensacola, Florida, to know that it is always best to choose a local mold testing company. Keep reading to find out why. 

Local mold companies understand our area’s weather

The Florida panhandle is located in a tropical climate. That means the humidity is always high, and the rain can be drenching. These weather patterns are key factors in mold growth. Because our area is one of the only tropical climates in the United States, you need mold testing in Pensacola with technicians who understand how the climate contributes to mold growth.

So that begs the question: why would you hire a national mold testing company based in New York or California to test for mold in the Florida panhandle? Those companies don’t understand our weather and climate, nor do they know the times during the year when mold growth is most active. 

Our mold testing services are comprehensive 

A local mold testing company won’t rush the process or cut corners. Remember, national brands book thousands of services every day, and they often hire overworked or undertrained technicians. And because they overbook their schedules, they often rush through the process or cut corners during the mold testing service. 

But when you choose a local mold testing company like A+ Restoration and Cleaning, we don’t rush the testing process or cut corners. You are our priority because we never overbook appointments. 

Local mold testing companies understand the strains of mold most common in the Pensacola area

Local mold testing companies understand how fungi and mold behave and grow in the Pensacola region and test for the strains most common to the area.

National companies don’t understand these regional strains and often don’t know what to look for during testing. 

Local customer service can’t be beat

When you choose mold testing in Pensacola from a company like A+ Restoration and Cleaning, you can rest assured you will receive the best customer service. We are your friends and neighbors and take pride in being part of the Pensacola community. Since we are a small business, we respond to every issue or question personally.

But if you choose a national mold testing company, they have clients across the United States. They won’t get to know you personally, and their customer service assistance is often poor. 

Honest estimate and service

As a local mold testing company, we care about our community. As your neighbors, we are always honest with you. By choosing a local mold testing company, you know that you will receive honest service and estimates.

But if you choose a national brand, you don’t know the people you are dealing with. They aren’t from the area, and they don’t care if they are offering you top quality and will never give you a deal. They are only interested in your money and business. 

Local mold testing companies will find the source of the mold

If we detect mold during our testing services, we always do our due diligence and find the source. But when you go with a national brand, they simply let you know that you have mold on your property and then leave for their next job.

Are you worried about mold on your property and need testing to confirm it? Choose a local mold company like A+ Restoration and Cleaning. We serve Pensacola, Florida, and the nearby communities in the Florida panhandle. Call us today to learn more about our mold testing services or use this website to contact us.

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