Are you struggling with mold in your home or business?

If you see mold, now is the time to act. The situation won’t get better by waiting. We can help you with our state-of-the-art dry fog system. A+ Restoration and Cleaning offers exceptional mold remediation and prevention to residents of Northern Florida and Southern Alabama. Some of the cities we serve include:

  • Destin, FL
  • Pace, FL
  • Panama City, FL
  • Pensacola, FL
  • Dothan, AL

These are just some of the cities we service. Call our office today to learn more about how we can help you resolve your mold issue. You can also reach out to our team online. 

What is mold remediation?

The term “mold remediation” refers to all of the processes regarding mold removal and prevention. Though there are differences, mold remediation is often synonymous with terms such as “mold cleaning,” “mold removal,” “mold mitigation,” and others. The main thing to consider is that mold remediation finds and treats the source of the mold so it doesn’t recur. The mold remediation process involves testing, clearing, containing, and future prevention.


What is your mold remediation process?

Mold spores can be found all over our environment, so it is not uncommon that many buildings and properties deal with mold issues. When they settle in a damp area, they begin to multiply, and before you know it, there is mold everywhere.

Our mold remediation company always begins with an inspection and assessment to identify the type of mold. Next, we begin the cleaning, sanitizing, and future protection process utilizing our state-of-the-art dry fog system.

How long does mold remediation take?

In most cases, we can perform mold remediation with our dry fog system in a single day. That is because the dry fog system doesn’t require any demolition. But each case is different, so call our office and talk with our friendly team members for a consultation. We can provide an estimate and let you know how long the process should take.


What is the dry fog system?

The dry fog system is a revolutionary new service used to eliminate mold spores throughout your home or business quickly, effectively, and without any demolition.

Dry fog technology is what sets A+ Restoration and Cleaning apart from the competition. Instead of sledge hammers and axes slamming into your mold-infested walls and tearing them down, tiny particles of a dry fog fill the capacity of your home or office, destroying all mold spores.

Our patented micron particle is so small that it continues to bounce around the room for several minutes before finally dissipating. The best part about developing such a particle is that it gets nothing in your home or office wet. You don’t need to remove anything from the room before the dry fog service.

DRY FOG (Our Patented Technology)

Smaller droplets rebound from surfaces creating a vapor. The vapor, as well as the fumes, create an inescapable environment for mold and bacteria. We choose to use dry fog over wet fog or ozone because the larger droplets of wet fog burst and create wet surfaces. The larger particle size also creates gaps in molecular coverage and leaves a residue.

What is the process for dry fog mold remediation?

Our mold remediation company process with dry fog involves two steps.


We begin by filling the area with an EPA-registered dry fog called InstaPURE. This fog is ultra-penetrating and leaves absolutely no residue.

Once the fog has filled the capacity of the room and made contact with all surfaces, it remains suspended in the air for the required time until all germs and mold spores are destroyed.


Next, the EPA-approved fog everPURE is dispensed into all the areas previously treated with instaPURE. EverPURE also leaves no residue, and it creates an antimicrobial barrier made of microscopic spikes about 1/1000th the size of a pinhead on every surface. EverPURE and the EPA verify that this destroys any virus, pathogen, bacteria, or fungi it makes contact with for the next 90 days. In addition to mold, EverPURE eliminates:

  • Ringworm
  • COVID-19
  • MRSA
  • Staph
  • CDiff
  • Anthrax
  • Flu virus
  • Hand foot mouth
  • H1N1

This is only a shortlist. Call A+ Restoration and Cleaning to learn more.

Our dry fog system has been tested extensively, and the process has been validated to remediate mold by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) solves the nation’s toughest engineering and environmental challenges. ERDC develops innovative solutions in civil and military engineering, geospatial sciences, water resources, and environmental sciences for the Army, the Department of Defense, civilian agencies, and our nation’s public good. Find out more at www.erdc.usace.army.mil.

Are you ready to see how our dry fog mold remediation system can eliminate mold in your home or business? Call our office to schedule your consultation or reach out to our team online. We serve North Florida and Southern Alabama. Contact our mold remediation company today!


A+ Restoration and Cleaning services Florida and Alabama, including Panama City, FL, Destin, FL, Pensacola, FL, Dothan, AL, and surrounding areas in Bay County and the Wiregrass. If you are struggling with mold in your home or business, don’t try to eliminate it alone. Call our mold removal company experts at A+ Restoration and Cleaning for assistance today. You can also reach out to our team regarding mold inspections online.

Pathogen Removal

Pathogenic contamination can cause illness and disease if not properly eradicated. We use the same Dry Fog technology that we use to kill mold but to create a germ barrier that remains suspended in the air until all germs are destroyed.

Mold Removal

Once you have mold growing, it won’t ever go away on its own. You can dry it out, to make it an inhospitable place for future growth, but the existing mold will still need to be dealt with. We suggest Dry Fogging.

Dry-Fog System

A revolutionary new procedure to eliminate mold spores throughout your home quickly, effectively and without any demolition.

Our Dry Fog system involves a two-step process using InstaPure and EverPure which is EPA approved in all 50 states.



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