The Future of Mold Remediation

A+ Restoration and Cleaning uses the most innovative approach to mold removal.  See why our system is the future of mold remediation and what that means for you and your family or business.

Many people are concerned about mold in their home or office and will want it removed quickly.  The thought of demolition, though, may cause concern.

The CDC recommends that any mold found be removed, but there is a demolition-free option for this.  A dry fog system will destroy mold without destroying your home.  This demo-free system is what sets A+ Restoration and Cleaning apart.

How does dry fog technology work? The dry fog process has two steps: InstaPURE and EverPURE. The InstaPURE sterilant identifies and destroys mold throughout the entirety of the building. Next, the EverPURE application disinfects the building and helps protect it from future mold growth. These steps are efficient, noninvasive, and address the problem throughout the entire building, producing the following main benefits of home dry fog sanitization.

Why choose dry fog?  There are three major reasons to choose dry fog technology to remedy mold growth.

  • Efficient- The dry fog quickly spreads throughout the home or office area, destroying mold and bacteria without leaving a residue.  In just a few hours, the process is complete.
  • Effective-Dry fog remediation is far more effective than other forms of mold removal because the particles can get into every inch and area of a room, destroying even the smallest mold spores.  The second step of EverPure application continues to protect the area, even after the process is complete.
  • No Demo- No sledgehammers, busted walls, or cleanup is needed to conduct a thorough mold removal.



There are numerous benefits to choosing the innovative technology of dry fog mold removal, powered by InstaPure and EverPure.  A+ Restoration and Cleaning is proud to offer this superior mold remediation service to our customers.  If you have any questions or would like to request a free consultation, send us a message below or call us at 850-842-0679.