There’s never really a bad time or reason to have your carpet cleaned. It reduces odors in your home, improves the appearance of your carpet, and makes it more stain resistant. So whether you’re selling your home soon or plan on enjoying it for many more years, you can’t go wrong with professional carpet cleaning from A+ Restoration & Cleaning. We are proud to offer carpet cleaning in Panama City, Pace and Destin FL as well as Dothan AL and surrounding areas. Learn more about how much carpet cleaning costs below:

Many homeowners choose DIY options because they assume it’s going to save them a ton of money, but what it actually does is put their home at risk for mold and mildew and create a very big job for them. And when asked, some of them don’t even know how much carpet cleaning actually costs.

There is no single answer for this question. From one carpet cleaner to the next, your estimate will vary, but we can help you get a general idea so you can understand the value of this service.

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Your estimate will either be given per room or based on the square footage of the areas to be cleaned. In your initial meeting with a carpet cleaning pro, they will tell you which method they use. Let’s look at some details of each pricing scenario.

Charging for Carpet Cleaning Per Room

Companies that charge by the room typically range between $25 to $75 for one room. This is a flat rate and does not take into account the size of the room unless it is very large, in which case, you will probably be charged for 2 rooms.

Pricing by the room can be less expensive the more rooms you pay for. For example, the same company that charges $25-75 for one room might only charge $150-200 for 3 rooms because they don’t have any added travel costs for the additional rooms.

Carpet Cleaning by Square Footage

On the other hand, your carpet cleaner may choose to measure out how much actual space will be cleaned and only charge you for that amount. This pricing practice requires a little more work on their part in the beginning, but it is much more accurate across the board when comparing estimates.

Many have a size chart with figures similar to those below. A room that falls into a certain pricing bracket has a set cost. Therefore, adding a smaller room may not affect the cost of your carpet cleaning at all, assuming that the two rooms together still fall into the same bracket.

Smaller rooms (between 200-400 square feet) can range between $80-130.

Large areas like basements or living rooms (between 1500-2000 square feet) will be between $250-450.

These are averages and should not be taken as actual estimates for your home. Always check with local companies to determine a close estimate.
Whether you are given an estimate based on rooms or square footage, the cost should be in the same general range.

Factors that Affect Pricing for Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaners tend to charge fixed prices for larger homes because many of their costs will be recouped in the services themselves. Smaller homes and apartments may be charged higher rates because the overall total will be less, but the company still has to cover the cost of travel, labor, and product.

Beyond that, here are some things that will affect the cost of your service:

Type of cleaning – You have many cleaning options, including steam, shampoo, dry cleaning and carbonated cleaning. Each has pros and cons, which you can discuss with your carpet cleaner so you can choose the best one for your home and so that you can receive the most accurate estimate.

Room size – We mentioned earlier that even if you are being charged by the room, they can charge for 2 rooms if it is over a certain square footage. Read the fine print of your contract so you know exactly how you are being charged.

Carpet type – Synthetic fibers are less delicate, while wool carpets can be tricky and, therefore, require more skill, patience, and often, special products. Keep a record of your carpet type, brand, and other details so your carpet cleaner can do their very best to protect it.

Stain removal – Extra-dirty or stained carpet needs more TLC, including pre-treatment and more than one pass with the cleaning tools. Carpet cleaners must account for the extra work in their estimates.

Add-on services – Once your home’s carpet is clean, you can add deodorizers or protectants to maximize the cleaning. These services usually are not included, so you must specifically request them.

Environmental fees – Some carpet cleaning companies charge a fee for transporting and disposing of used water after a service. This is tacked on at the end, in addition to the service, but it should always be included on your estimate.

Furniture removal – Furniture removal and replacement is sometimes included in a carpet cleaner’s fees, but others consider it an additional service and charge extra for it. It’s another one of those items that you need to carefully review your estimate to determine if you’re paying for it or not. You can always opt to move the furniture yourself if you don’t want to pay the carpet cleaning team to do it.

This service can ultimately save you money on carpet replacement in years to come, because it prevents the fibers from wearing down. Annual carpet cleaning will replenish your carpet, even if it experiences heavy daily use.

Professional carpet cleaning should leave your carpet nearly dry, thereby preventing mold from getting into your carpet fibers. This is the main mistake committed by do-it-yourself carpet cleaners.

While you may save money cleaning your home’s carpets yourself, the risk of inviting mold into your home — eventually causing you to tear out the carpet and pay for mold removal — is enough to encourage anyone in the direction of professional services.

In this respect, the value of professional carpet cleaning far outweighs the money savings of doing it yourself.