Carpet Cleaning in Panama City, FL

3 Rooms for $144

Our carpet cleaning process is low moisture. This cutting-edge service is more practical than other options.

Keep allergies, asthma, and other sicknesses at bay with regular carpet cleaning.


Check out the “our work” section for before and after photos. Also, read our many positive reviews.

casey Jones
casey Jones
Chris from a plus restoration and cleaning came out to assess my mold situation he is very punctual professional smart and on time he is honest and truthful I highly recommend this company and this Tech to anyone looking to get mold removed
Justin Cavender
Justin Cavender
Great, friendly service. Would definitely recommend!
chad smith
chad smith
Had carpet cleaned, they did a great job!!!
tyler ewing
tyler ewing
I was told last minute that I had to have a mold inspection done on my unit and A+ was able to send someone out immediately. The technician treated my unit and provided post testing to ensure all mold was gone. They were thorough and knowledgeable and half the price of any other companies I called. I would highly recommend them for mold remediation. Thank you!
Tracy Worth
Tracy Worth
I used this company to acid wash my tile flooring and to reseal my grout in my foyer and kitchen. They were on time and very professional. My floors look fantastic.
Andrea Cruz
Andrea Cruz
They were very professional during their mold assessment and inspections and explained and the mold testing thoroughly. Thank you guys.
christopher collins
christopher collins
Very professional and informative. Should up on the exact time and the arrive was performed in a timely manner. I highly recommend their services
Taylor Barnard
Taylor Barnard
A+ Restoration is the BEST mold remediation business around!!! Fast, responsive and so professional! They came in and helped us with our mold remediation and were so comforting and SO knowledgeable. I would recommend them to any one who needs any kind of mold work, water damage remediation and carpet cleaning! They truly are A+++
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith
Professional employees who get the job done in a timely manner. Highly recommend A+ for any flooring need!

No matter how often you vacuum your carpet, dirt and grime will eventually nestle deep within its piles. So, for an exceptional clean, A+ Restoration and Cleaning recommends scheduling an occasional carpet cleaning service in Panama City, FL. If your carpets are soiled, call our office today to schedule an appointment or reach out to our team using this website.

How do you perform carpet cleaning in Panama City, FL?

carpet cleaning service

Carpet cleaning with A+ Restoration & Cleaning provides a multi-step process. First, when we arrive at your property in Panama City, we perform a pre-inspection.


This is an add-on service at an additional cost, but for many homes with soiled carpet we recommend it to remove dirt, hair, and debris while your carpet is still dry for optimal efficiency. Otherwise, we recommend vacuuming your carpets before we arrive. 


A powerful pre-treatment solution loosens dirt and debris. 

Activate the Pre-Spray

To activate the pre-spray for ultimate cleaning, we use an agitator to work it deep into the carpet fibers. Also, the process helps eliminate odors. 

Hot Water Extraction

We use a powerful hot water extraction cleaning system that also removes almost all of the water we use during the cleaning process. This system makes the drying process quick and efficient. 

Call our office today to learn more about the process. 

Do you also provide commercial carpet cleaning in Panama City, FL?

Yes! We also provide commercial carpet cleaning for businesses of all sizes in Panama City, FL. We use the same cleaning processes used during residential services, just on a larger scale. So, contact our team today to learn more about our commercial services. 

Will you move my furniture before beginning the carpet cleaning service?

Our team moves pieces of furniture less than 50 pounds free of charge. That includes:  A vacuum cleans a rug during a routine carpet cleaning service.

  • Coffee tables
  • Small chairs
  • Ottomans
  • Stools

For larger furniture, we ask you to move it on your own. If you choose not to move it, our local technicians will clean around it.

And after the cleaning service is complete, we move the furniture back to its proper place for you. Very large objects, like dining room tables, might not be able to be moved, but we will discuss those details with you during the consultation. 

How long does carpet cleaning take?

It depends on the size of your property and the amount of furniture that needs to be moved. In general, we can complete carpet cleaning of an average-sized house in about half a day. But we can offer specifics regarding your property at the consultation. 

How long does it take for my carpet to dry after carpet cleaning?

There is no exact answer. Much of it is determined by air temperature and humidity. Because Florida is located in a humid climate, drying times take a bit longer than somewhere with a dry climate, like Arizona.

But because we use advanced carpet cleaning technology and equipment, in most cases, your carpet is dry in under an hour. You read that right — one hour! Furthermore, you can help speed up the process by using fans. And we don’t recommend walking on the carpet until it is completely dry. 

Does your carpet cleaning service remove pet stains?

A worker wearing protective boots cleans the carpet in a living room.Yes! Our advanced carpet cleaning services can remove deep or set-in pet stains and more. In fact, our carpet cleaning company can remove almost any type of stain. During your consultation, we will examine each stain in detail to determine which equipment and cleaning solutions will best remove them.

Can furniture be returned to the room immediately after carpet cleaning?

You should wait to return your furniture until the carpet has dried completely. If you need to return the furniture before that, make sure to protect the legs with foil or rubber pads. Our team will assist you with returning your furniture to each room. 

Do you clean more than just carpets?

Absolutely! While home and commercial carpet is our focus, our local Panama City, FL, technicians also clean area rugs, RVs, cars, and pretty much anything else that has carpet. Just call our office and ask! 

Carpet Cleaning In Panama City, FL 

A+ Restoration & Cleaning is proud to provide professional carpet cleaning throughout Panama City, FL. Schedule your carpet cleaning service today. You are guaranteed to receive exceptional service and results you won’t believe, thanks to our fast dry times and deep cleaning techniques! So call our office today or reach out online to schedule.