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Mold Remediation Reviews

David Busch
David Busch
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My wife and I are so grateful that we happened upon this company quite by chance. When one's house is flooded, panic mode sets in. What do I do? Who do I phone? What I learned from an adjuster is that the big name water mitigation companies, with multiple locations, follow storms like weathermen. They will come from hundreds of miles away, give you a quick and dirty resolution and leave town and maybe your state. You have problems with their "fix"? You will never see them again. We thank God that we wound up contracting with this local company with high ethical standards and expertise. There is a reason why they have five star ratings across the board. Look no further!
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We had a mold inspection done of our house and are so happy with the results! Our inspector was friendly, professional, knowledgable, and so helpful! We would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is worried about mold growth in their home.
lisa grabusky
lisa grabusky
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A+ is the absolute best for mold testing in your house. Professional, friendly, great communication, fast turn around and the BEST price on the beach! Give them a call!!!
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We had such a great experience working with Bryan at A+ Restoration and Cleaning. We learned we had mold in our home and needed to have it remediated. Bryan was always responsive, patient, and helped walk us through the entire process. We were so pleased with how promptly they addressed our issue and took care of following up on everything to assure that we could have our home certified by a mold assessor with "good air quality" once again. We can't thank Bryan and A+ Restoration and Cleaning enough for the great job that they did!
Cecilia Jones
Cecilia Jones
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Devin did a great job with my carpet. He was thorough and very professional. I highly reccommend this company.
Jennifer Hendricks
Jennifer Hendricks
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Huge shout out to Bryan and Elizabeth for their patience, understanding, and time. They were so wonderful! This company employs some amazing people!!!
Lexi Harvey
Lexi Harvey
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I cannot say enough good things about this company and these people!!!! We just bought our first home where mold was covered up and I had been sick for over a month. Elizabeth quickly came out to our house, did a moisture test on the walls and an air test to see what we had. Elizabeth is seriously amazing. She looped her manager in, Bryan, right away who showed me so much compassion and support. They provided me the results read out so fast and found out it was a toxic mold. Bryan came back the next week and took care of the demo to remove mold ( it had unfortunately come to that point) and did the dry fog for our entire home. Bryan was extremely thorough, empathetic, responsive answered my first call. If you have a mold issue, treat it seriously and go to this company!
Dee O'Brien
Dee O'Brien
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I highly recommend and I'm so very impressed with the carpet cleaning services. On time, the amount I was requested to pay what was exactly the quote that was given. My carpets look fabulous in spite of having 2 doggies. Request DAVEN BEAUMONT. This professional gets the job done right and he is friendly too! 100% happy and will be a recruiting customer in the future!
Kelley Judson
Kelley Judson
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The carpet looks great. Chris, the cleaner, could have a better attitude. He seemed mad and complained about me smoking the minute he walked through the door. But again, the service was great and that's really what matters.

struggling with mold in your home or business?

Mold can negatively impact your well-being. That’s why it’s essential to schedule regular mold inspections by a certified mold specialist to maintain a healthy living environment. A+ Restoration & Cleaning is proud to provide mold testing services to the people of Destin, Florida. Schedule an on-site evaluation with our mold testing company in Destin right away!

Destin Mold Testing Company

Destin, Florida, is known for its beautiful beaches and warm climate. Unfortunately, it also provides the perfect conditions for mold growth. The combination of high humidity levels and heavy rainfall can lead to moisture accumulation in homes and businesses, creating an ideal environment for mold to thrive. 

That is why mold testing in Destin is a crucial step to maintaining a healthy living or working space. A+ Restoration and Cleaning, a trusted mold testing company in Destin, is committed to helping residents and business owners identify and remediate mold issues.

Our Comprehensive Mold Testing Process

Here’s how our team performs mold testing in Destin:


After contacting us, we’ll discuss your concerns, goals, and property history. Our team at A+ Restoration and Cleaning is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Together, we’ll develop a customized plan to handle your mold problems.


The samples are sent for lab analysis, and the findings guide our recommendations. Our in-depth approach allows us to develop a personalized remediation plan. Consequently, we can address the mold issues on your property and provide long-lasting solutions.


Our certified mold inspectors will carefully examine the exterior and interior of your property, looking for signs of water intrusion and mold growth. By using cutting-edge methods and following the best industry practices, our team can identify problem areas and provide effective solutions to address your mold concerns. 


After assessing the inspection results, we’ll propose a remediation approach to address your mold problems. We utilize reliable and customized solutions, including dry fog technology.


A+ Restoration and Cleaning sets itself apart by choosing to use air and tape sampling methods to determine the presence and type of mold. Knowing the exact mold strain enables more efficient remediation. Our targeted approach allows us to achieve better results, ensuring we address the source. Furthermore, our approach prevents future mold occurrences.

Mold Remediation, Restoration & Cleaning Services

Demo-Free Mold Removal

Mold in your environment can cause health issues if left untreated.  We offer demo-free mold removal and are happy to provide a free consultation for you.

Water Restoration

Experience peace of mind without hiring multiple contractors. We handle water & flood damage big or small from beginning to end.

Disinfecting & Sanitizing

Our dry fog gives you extended protection against harmful microbes.  Keep your home, office, church or school safe and healthy.

Restorative Carpet & Tile/Grout Cleaning

Keep your floors looking brand new and your family healthy and happy with our carpet or tile and group cleaning.

Upholstery & Mattress Cleaning

We offer upholstery and mattress cleaning so your home or commercial property is always a clean environment.

Odor Control

Don’t just deal with odor, tackle it for good.  breathe easy when we handle it for you.

Get Mold Remediation Now

Mold presents a risk to your well-being and can damage your property. Approximately 25% of the population is believed to be impacted by mold-related allergies, and mold exposure can result in symptoms such as:

  • Congested nasal passages
  • Constant sneezing
  • Skin irritations
  • Cough
  • Recurring headaches
  • Lightheadedness
  • Fatigue

In severe cases, mold exposure might even lead to pneumonia. Promptly detecting and addressing mold issues in your Destin home or business is essential. For assistance with mold, A+ Restoration and Cleaning is the top mold testing company in Destin.

Mold can be present on your property even if it isn’t visible. As a result, mold testing in Destin is a crucial component of sustaining a healthy environment. Our mold testing specialists are skilled at identifying the subtle signs of hidden mold. Signs of concealed mold may include:

  • Damp or musty smells
  • Stains on carpets or other flooring materials
  • Allergy or cold-like symptoms 
  • Discoloration on furniture 
  • Peeling walls or drywall
  • Stagnant odor from the HVAC system
  • Buildup of grime on tiles or in the bathroom

Reach out to A+ Restoration and Cleaning for mold testing services in Destin.

A petri dish during mold testing.
A man holds a clipboard with a mold inspection & testing checklist

A+ Restoration and Cleaning offers air quality and tape testing services to accurately identify the presence and type of mold within your Destin property. Air quality testing is the industry-recognized approach for determining mold levels, while tape testing is most effective for classifying mold when visible growth is present.

While you might be tempted to remove mold on your own, know that mold spores are microscopic and cannot be completely eliminated with common household cleaners. Instead, trust the specialists at A+ Restoration & Cleaning.

A happy family enjoys their home after a successful mold inspection & mold testing.

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